Preparation & integration of psychedelic ceremonies, Specialist in Andean-Amazonian master plant diet, Spiritual Psychology, Biodecoding

Orietta Trebejo

Cuzco, Perú

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Intergenerational And Ancestral Trauma

About Orietta Trebejo

The love and respect for plants, the teachings of my grandparents and my mother made me learn every day about the benefits of plants, the wisdom to learn from each one of them, and the perseverance and values ​​of my father they guided me on this path. I led a happy life with a lot of love, but what didn’t make me happy was not doing what I liked, I studied arts but I definitely couldn’t make a living from that, and I had to work for years in an office as a managers assistant to earn money, and that frustrated me, it was not for me, so one fine day I decided to leave everything to go find my freedom, to find myself I started working with plants, I had all that knowledge inside me and I did not know it, it was just waking it up.

In 2016 I travelled to the heights of Cusco to improve what I already knew about sacred Andean plants, and also to the highlands near Lake Titicaca to meet my ancestors, I went to the depths of the Amazon jungle with the indigenous people to receive all their knowledge, the plants taught me everything that I am now, to be a more human person, more compassionate for the world, for the animals, for everything that surrounds me, to recognize my spiritual guides, the spirits of my grandparents who are
there in front of me guiding me and filling me with wisdom, teaching me to cure physical illnesses through their voices to find the light in the darkness, to take firm steps, to be humble of heart and strong of spirit.

I thank my grandparents and Pachamama for everything they provide me.

Orietta Trebejo's approach to integration

Each person is unique, our unconscious knows what it must take out of us to heal, or grow and make us more aware, the important thing is that you can understand it because only you know, I will only be here to guide you on how to do it, this will help you feel more confident in yourself, the preparation or integration will help you to have things clearer about what you need and to expand your mind and consciousness.

Also for some people, the fact of having a disturbing ceremony is a reason not to continue with the process, I can guide you to have understanding and clarity.

In my work, I assist many people who at some point have felt the need to prepare before or integrate after a ceremony with psychedelics, after this they feel more secure, connected with themselves, we all carry within us the power to be more aware, but sometimes we don’t know how to develop this.

The mentoring is specific for each one, the process helps you see things differently, to see things more clearly and above all to open your mind and your heart and attract light into your life and find the way.


  • Kambo practitioner
  • Spiritual psychology
  • Biodecoding

Orietta Trebejo's offerings

  • 70€ per session