Mental Wellness Coach trained in Gestalt Therapy and Psychedelic Facilitation + Integration

Ona Praderas

Ottawa, Canada

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Creative Expression

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Somatic therapy
Art Therapy
Shadow work

About Ona Praderas

Born in Spain and raised in Mexico, my journey with psychedelics began at 18, initially as a recreational experiment. However, everything changed when I became a mother and faced postpartum depression. Seeking relief from depression and anxiety, I discovered the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, which profoundly impacted my life.

Over time, I transitioned to guiding friends and family through their psychedelic experiences, igniting my passion for professional facilitation. I’ve been privileged to work with reputable organizations like Synthesis Retreats and now with ACER Integration. Having guided over 200 individuals through altered states of consciousness, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of psychedelics and the importance of safe practices.

My focus is on integrating these experiences into daily life, utilizing art and storytelling for profound insights and healing. My ultimate goal is to promote responsible and informed psychedelic use, supporting personal growth and healing journeys while fostering a greater understanding of their potential benefits.

Ona Praderas's approach to integration

With my expertise in illustration and creative storytelling, I can help you discover profound meaning in your psychedelic experiences. Through a Gestalt approach, I’ll guide you in bridging past experiences to the present, allowing for valuable learning and seamless integration of your psychedelic journey into your daily life.


  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Animation


  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Breathwork
  • Synthesis Retreat Training
  • ACER Integration Training

Ona Praderas's offerings

  • Single Session:
  • Creative Integration (60 mins) – $140
  • Imagery Integration (60 mins) – $160
  • Packages:
  • Creative Integration Package (4 x 60 mins) – $420
  • Imagery Integration Package (4 x 60 mins) – $640