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I consider life as a field of complex vibrations and so I support people to let themselves vibrate more freely in body, mind, heart, and voice in order to connect better with themselves and their mission to find a deeper resonance with life

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Darkness Retreat
Holistic Voice and Life Coaching
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Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius, Psylocibin, THC, San Pedro, Kambo, Amanita Muscaria, Darkness Retreat






Berlin, Germany

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"Sound is my drug." I answered until my early thirties, whenever I was asked to join psychedelics.

However a time came when I was invited as a musician to join series of ayahuasca retreats in the Netherlands over many years. I accompanied the travellers with my live improvised singing and music on several instruments. So over the years I became very familiar with these specific circumstances of the ceremonies and the effects ayahuasca can have on people on different levels of their transformation.

I learned how to use my consciousness and my sounds in the most responsible way in order to create a safe and deep journey for the listeners.

My sensitivity increased year by year and so did my ability to handle it properly especially in a big city like Berlin.

Fortunately I had collected so many tools to ground myself throughout the years and to incorporate the expanded consciousness into the cells of my body so I could easily integrate all the deep insights in an optimized mindset making it usable in my daily life as well.

It will be my pleasure and my honour to give this knowledge forward to others on their way to reconnect themselves with the true nature of life.

's approach to Psychedelic Integration

Only integration fulfills the purpose of a psychedelic experience sustainable.

The deeper an experience goes the more important is the space and behaviour afterwards. To figure out what best fits for you I recommend to use different media.

Sound and voice can support your ongoing process in a profound way and I like to show how. There are a lot of methods to use the vibrations of your voice to integrate all the subtle vibrations from a deep journey.

Sometimes there are things from the past which should be expressed in a safe space. Therefore additionally to speaking about your experience the nonverbal sounds will support you to get the best benefit from it and to manifest the new vibration in your physical body and in your life as well.
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