Psychedelic Psychoanalyst

Luciana Machado Caouette

Vancouver, Canada

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Art Therapy
Holistic Spiritual Coach
Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy
Ritual & Ceremony
Transpersonal Psychology

Areas of expertise

Certified Psychedelic Integration Coach
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Spiritual Guidance

About Luciana Machado Caouette

I’m thrilled to introduce myself as a registered psychotherapist and a psychedelic-trained expert. I help people who have experienced a challenging psychological psychedelic journey achieve peace and understanding without further traumas.

For me, it is important to recognize that the process of integration, which is essential for healing, often begins after the initial experience of an altered state of mind. More than the medicine itself.
While the initial psychedelic experience can be captivating and profound, it is the subsequent reflection, exploration, and integration of those experiences that truly pave the way for healing and personal growth. Integration involves comprehending and making sense of the insights, emotions, and perspectives that arise during the psychedelic journey, and integrating them into daily life.
By acknowledging the significance of integration, we can ensure that the benefits of psychedelics are maximized and that individuals are supported in their healing journey beyond the altered state itself. Ultimately, integration serves as a bridge between the psychedelic experience and how to manage that information to your life. A qualified professional psychologist is more than a listener its a guide.

Luciana Machado Caouette's approach to integration

I like to closely monitor the routine, diet, type of music and information that is provided during the process of self-discovery. Where I will always be available to awaken the divine spark that exists but may be dormant.


  • Psychoanalyst
  • Psychedelics & Mental Health (Instituto Phaneros)

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