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Transformation & Psychedelic Integration Coach

Katja Wallisch

Tulum, Mexico

From 3000€/session


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Shamanic Techniques

About Katja Wallisch

Oftentimes a psychedelic experience is truly life-transforming – and people change/end relationships, switch careers/jobs, deepen their faith/spirituality, and broaden their worldview and understanding of themselves. I have personal first-hand experience of the life-changing power of psychedelic experiences when integrated properly being a reformed corporate (10+ years in managing roles) and now turned into a transformation and integration coach. Through my own encounter with plant medicine, I know the challenges that occur during and/or after a journey in the transformation process, especially when the new understanding of self seems to not fit or connect with the old environment any more. Other powerful integration teachers of mine also have a near-death experience as a kid, multiple (reverse) culture shock phases after living abroad and a skin cancer diagnosis in my 30ies.

I have been spiritual since early childhood and I am an avid student of ancient wisdom practices. I have spent 4 months as a spiritual hermit living with and learning from a shaman, being closely connected to local medicine communities in my home base in Mexico, and regularly partaking in ceremonies, rituals and rites of passage, like the Camino Rojo vision quest. At the same time, I am plugged into my former network, the fast-paced global business world. Understanding both worlds has allowed me to be the bridge, translate between them and support my coachees in unpacking the spiritual lessons from their psychedelic experiences and finding practical ways to embody those insights back in their daily life.

My coaching is focused on transformation and integration towards more authenticity and alignment. I hold an internationally (ICF) accredited diploma in transformational coaching and a certificate in the Science of Well-Being, am a trained facilitator, regularly host retreats and support clients through all forms of personal transition phases in my private coaching and mentoring and teach an international postgrad course on designing and integrating transformative experiences.

I am German with Czech roots, have lived in Berlin for 12 years and now reside in Mexico and Portugal.

Katja Wallisch's approach to integration

Life is a series of many deaths and rebirths within one lifetime, a cycle of continuous personal evolution, if we allow it. My role is to guide you through these exciting yet unclear times of transition by creating opportunities to explore, connect with and nurture the part that wants to evolve in you so that your soul can joyfully play. With regards to psychedelic coaching and guidance those are the steps:

If you are about to on a psychedelic journey we will address in preparation coaching:

– how to reduce harm in general and what to pay attention to
– right setting, set, facilitator, type of medicine
– expectations, fears, what if’s
– finding tools and developing a coping mechanism to deal with the Unknown
– your intention for going into the journey

In integration coaching we will address:

– understanding the experience not only on a cognitive but also visceral level
– self-enquiry and insights after the journey
– unpacking the insights and downloads from your psychedelic experience
– if needed: identifying the emotional, behavioural and thinking patterns that you want to move out of and finding the tools and practices that help you with that so you can focus on what you want to create and embody instead
– having an anchor / energetic reminder to stay connected to the frequency post-medicine once you get back to the old environment and old dynamics have a grip on you again

I work very intuitively, so depending on who is in front of me, I will use and introduce different tools, methods and integration techniques that feel aligned with your energy, personality and situation.


  • Diploma in Transformational Coaching (ICF accredited, Animas, UK)
  • Science of Well-Being (Yale University, USA)

Katja Wallisch's offerings

  • 3 months psychedelic incubator: 3000,-