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About Chris

I came out of the shadow, out of the pain and out of the sickness, where I couldn’t go any further on my own. Uncertainty about where to go. Questions about the meaning of life, love or how to proceed, fear of the unknown.

In a short period of time, divorce, loss of my job, and the death of my father and his coming “home”. His companionship in death was a great healing for me. His „going home“ was my first full arrival. The finiteness in that one moment of his death was like infinity for me, a brief standstill of time.
Something opened up inside me, my heart, my soul, whatever, that hasn’t closed to this day. That turned everything I initially thought of as my truth upside down. These were very changing and profound experiences in my life. Death and love are becoming my deepest connection.

On the other hand, I became a father and my wonderful son was born (one of my teachers – as I understand better now). I was completely overwhelmed by all these experiences in such a short period of time. My body was so acidic that food didn’t really want to stay in me and I had a lot of trouble sleeping through the night. My hair turned grey.

From doctor to doctor, I look for solutions on the outside. Also, too much alcohol and unhealthy food, unhealthy people, and dissatisfaction accompanied my life at that time. The beginning of my journey was Kambo, where I no longer remember how I got there.

My journey continues and goes deeper into myself and into the heart of things. There were many strongly changed processes again and again, through pain and tightness and deeply touching experiences over the years that fundamentally changed me. It brought me more from my mind to my
heart and my softness, to the mindful perception full of gratitude for what is. I have experienced the greatest gift of love, which I cannot put into words and let me experience every new day, deeply humbled and full of joy.

Chris's approach to integration

For me, preparation and a respectful and disciplined approach are one of the most important prerequisites for a mind-expanding “journey”.

The current mental, and emotional state and your personal story complement this and give the journey a very rough direction. It starts here and I can accompany you with a lot of experience. I have also gained experience in the field of microdosing or some mixed consumption.

It is your decision whether we come together and whether you start to integrate your individual experience into your life. What is your intention, your wish and your purpose? What is going on in your life and what is affecting your experience? What are old patterns and what is still unknown? Meaning of life, love and many questions that can also confuse. Infinity and Unknown can sometimes be scary.

I create a space where you feel comfortable and can be confident, as a basis for good integration. The work is very personal and we meet with clarity, a lot of heart and deep empathy. I see you. A 1:1 work and your „showing, sharing yourself“, with what is, is a great beginning. Truthfulness creates real closeness as a trusting ground for good integration. Without real integration, it remains just a peak experience with many Question marks or just a fun factor, without using the great potential of such a profound experience to get a deeper understanding of your own wisdom and great personality.


  • NLP-Master (DVNLP, INLPTA) Psychologist, NLP-Master-Trainer Stephan Landsiedel
  • Reiki
  • Holotropic Breathwork (according to Stanislav Grov)
  • Transformation work (Psychologist Robert Betz)
  • Community building intensive process (What does community mean? What does WE mean?), according to Scott Peck
  • Several years of leadership training (Klaus Frey
  • Healer for straightening (according to Siegmund Schreiber); Straightening of the spine through spiritual healing, spiritual alchemy
  • Basic study of clinical sexology, training for therapeutic work (clinical sexology according to Sexocorporel, with Dr Karoline Bischof, Dr. medical FMH Gynecology and Obstetrics, Clinical Sexologist ISI, Psychosomatic and Psychosocial Medicine SAPPM PhD. IASHS sexology
  • Supervision, coaching, the new way of dealing with the emotions in oneself and in employees
  • Intensive indigenous/entheogenic plant medicine work with Rapé, Kambo, Ayahuasca, Iboga, 5Meo-DMT, MDMA, Psilocybin and LSD starting 12 years ago.

Chris's offerings

  • 20 min. pre-call for free
  • 60 min. client accompaniment and support, 69€
  • 3 x 60 min. client accompaniment and support 169€
  • supplementary accompaniment via e.g. Whatsapp are possible. Your individual dates, your needs, and your time requirements we will find together. Let ́s talk together. I am open, flexible and there for you!
  • if you are local here in South America in my area you can do a 1:1 accompaniment in a trusting, very personal space. You can have a profound experience/journey and afterwards, we come together, reflect, talk together and eat together and make integration work. If you like, let ́s talk about that and we will find your individual idea…