Psychedelic Integration + Holistic Spiritual Coach

Avital Kushilevich

Houston, Texas, USA

From 111$ USD/session




Holistic Spiritual Coach

About Avital Kushilevich

Through my own personal healing journey of healing childhood traumas, emotional regulation, autoimmune disorder and disordered eating, I have found tremendous power in the use of psychedelic plant medicine. My healing journey led me to find my purpose in helping other people in their own healing journey. I truly believe that by accessing our higher states of consciousness, we are able to receive insights and messages from a higher power and our higher selves, so that we can grow, evolve and heal and become the best version of ourselves, a more healed version.

Avital Kushilevich's approach to integration

Psychedelics get a bad rep these days because many people use them for fun. This medicine is not for fun, it’s for healing. And what’s even more important than the actual experience is the integration process. Many people have amazing experiences, receiving beautiful messages and insights, yet, are lost when they go back to reality and many times have a difficult time integrating those lessons. That is where I come in – we work 1:1 to create small shifts in your daily habits, mindset and beliefs so that over time, you create sustainable change. I will hold you high and help you feel empowered to create these shifts in your life. After working together, you will feel more confident, knowing that you have all that you need to create the life you truly desire.


  • Certified Integrative Health, Studied under Plant Medicine Woman for 3 years.

Avital Kushilevich's offerings

  • $111 for first-time intro single session
  • $222 after that
  • $555 for a 1-month package ( 4x weekly coaching calls + unlimited text/email support for 1 month, great as an intensive or reset)
  • $1,111 for 3-month package ( 12x weekly coaching calls + unlimited text/email support for 3 months, perfect for deep, transformational work)