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Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Specialist, Leadership Advisor

Amanda Argot Efthimiou

Lisbon, Portugal

From 150€/session


Ritual & Ceremony
Nature-Based Practices

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Life Transitions
Eating Disorders
Shamanic Techniques

About Amanda Argot Efthimiou

Thank you for being here.

My journey into the world of altered states began in my early twenties when I was seeking an alternative solution to my depression and anxiety diagnosis. The antidepressants and benzodiazepines I were prescribed weren’t of help to me anymore after many years of taking them to merely treat my symptoms. Plant medicine was the door I opened to uncover the root cause of my suffering and to support my healing process. It wasn’t the ceremony itself, but rather the way I had integrated what I had learned and felt during my experiences that empowered me to freely choose my own path to happiness in a meaningful and healthy way. I understood that integrating these psychedelic journeys was a precious window of opportunity to make these insights catalysts for lasting change.

Driven by this realization, I pursued a master’s degree in neuroscience and psychology of mental health at King’s College, London, where I focused on the effects of integrating psilocybin with psychotherapy for mental health outcomes.

My experience working in the nonprofit sector with indigenous communities that use sacred plant medicines in the Amazon basin has deeply influenced my coaching practice. Their traditions, inspired by the cycles of nature, respect the organic unfolding of each individual’s self-realization journey and all the mystery that it holds.

In addition to one-on-one integration coaching, I also founded a company called INTEGRA, which bridges scientific rigour with sacred traditions, crafting integration programs and educational offerings for space holders of various modalities, founded on our values of integrity, responsibility, and reciprocity.

In every endeavour, it is my mission to empower you with the tools you need to embark on a clear, loving, and grounded path to wholeness and everlasting alignment with your inner & outer well-being.

Amanda Argot Efthimiou's approach to integration

I’m of the belief that the real transformation we seek is within us. These altered-states experiences are one of the many tools we have for personal growth and healing. The process of preparing for and integrating such experiences is how we take responsibility for our lives, for our relationships, and for the world around us.

My approach to integration is underscored by the notion of change as our only constant and the acceptance of your unique role as both a teacher and a student in your personal growth journey. This allows you to humbly connect with the evolving aspects of yourself that are both giving and receiving in each moment. The process is then about balancing the levers of practice with reflection, of being with doing, and of play with purpose.

Although each session is uniquely guided, some practical considerations are often covered with clients in both preparation and integration:

  • Set, setting, substance, & support
  • Resistance & Resilience
  • Intention setting & identification of values
  • Harm reduction and personal safety
  • Immediate aftercare: transition, rest, and reflection
  • The art of sharing with others & making critical decisions
  • Designing your environment for optimal integration and attunement
  • Preparing your significant relationships to support your integration pro
  • Creating actionable steps and identifying acts of service to embody learnings

Using methods & principles such as:

  • Meditation and active imagination/storytelling
  • Neuroscience & flow states
  • Journaling & creative writing
  • Art therapy
  • Ritual design
  • Nature connectedness & earthing
  • Reciprocity
  • Indigenous & shamanic traditions
  • Breathing techniques
  • Ecstatic movement

At the heart of my practice is a deep respect for both the science and the sacred. Whether you’re navigating the aftermath of a profound psychedelic experience or seeking guidance on your broader journey of self-discovery, you’ll come away with self-awareness and trust in paving your own path with clarity and purpose.


  • MSc in Neuroscience & Psychology of Mental Health


  •  MIND Beyond Experience Integration Program

Amanda Argot Efthimiou's offerings

  • 150€ per session with a minimum of 4 sessions