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My First Time Ayahuasca - How it truly went

My first Ayahuasca ceremony took place one year ago in Costa Rica. I was thinking about it for a long time, but haven't been actively looking for a place to do it. I was waiting for the plant to come to me. And eventually, it did, when I met a friend on the road buying pipas for her pre-ayahuasca diet. I directly signed up! If not now then when? 

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Integrating The Ego-Death // The Most Powerful Tool of Empathy

Alexandre Perrella

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The ‘mystical experience’ is a term that is broadly used by the scientific community worldwide to describe the journey-like experience that can be triggered by the consumption of psychedelic substances. This experience is often characterized by a drastic change in the perception of the self; sometimes this effect may even be referred to as “ego death” or ego dissolution. In this article, Alexandre Perrella is defining the concept of Ego-Death, how to integrate it and apply it to our life.
Podcast: Psychedelics done differently

Oliver Schirach

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Andrés Rose has been invited to be a guest speaker at the podcast From Depression to Expression ran by Oliver Schirach. During this one and half hour long interview, they discuss about his experience with his coming to senses on his own life purpose and goals. He describes his journey with different plant medicines and the need for support after each ceremony, to help integrate the insights revealed by the psychedelics. His own struggle to find proper help marks the inception of Psychedelics Integration.
Spiritual Healing? How to Not Bypass!

Mia Ganda

Our coach Mia Ganda goes through the concept of spiritual healing and focuses on the Spiritual Bypassing topic: …it is not that setting out on a spiritual path clears up all psychological problems.” — Brant Cortright I came to this conclusion personally after I almost jumped from a boat into a very likely piranha-infested tributary of the Amazon River, in the midst of the Peruvian rainforest. Subsequently of having crashed into the river's embankment, we picked up an additional passenger. A hairy, hand-sized, black tarantula, stood in sharp contrast to the man’s white polo shirt, whose shoulder it was now sitting on. Not only was I terrified, but I also sobered.
The long road from Head to Heart


We understand so much. We interpret immediately. We read about the use of plant medicine, watch all the videos and see interesting films. We sit and define our intention. Then we do a ceremony with a group or a guide and go on the journey. And now… we are back. Back to our daily life, the routine, the obligations, the dread-mill and and and. We are back to all the reasons we wanted the “medicine” and the journey to help in the first place. Now what?
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Our contributorsthe Psychedelics Integration team, coaches and experts in preparation and integration practicesshare their thoughts, opinions and report about the latest scientific findings and legislation updates concerning the use of psychedelics.

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